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Mini Art & LEGO® Hunt FAQs

1. When do we make our mini art and LEGO treasures?
At the South Canterbury Eco Centre from 11-2pm on Sunday 24th September.

2. What exactly is included?
1 mini treasure dome, art materials to fill it with, 1 LEGO
® Minifigure,
2 x Art Trading Cards (1 to put in your treasure, 1 to trade when you find treasures), 1 log book tube, and log paper. Access to the Treasure Map for one year. The site is password-protected so only the people who have signed up can access it.

3. What if I want to make more than one treasure in my family?
Sign up for one family account now for $15, then come to the making day on the day where you can purchase and make extra kits on the day for $10 each.

4. Can I share the password with friends?
Paying for this activity enables me to keep running The Old Tin Shed and providing fun activities like this for children. I put in hundreds of hours of work to create fun programmes like this, and without an income, I would not be able to operate. Please only share with direct family. If you know others who want to join in, please ask them to join and pay the nominal $15 per year fee so they can make their own treasure and have access to the map. Thank you x

5. How big are the mini treasure domes?
The diameter of the fillable area is 6cm. The height in the middle of the dome is 4cm. A Minifigure can sit in the middle of the dome.

6. When do we hide them?
Between the 24th September and 1st October. The hunting starts on 2nd October so after you have hidden it, LOG your treasure location here by 1st to allow me to upload all the locations. Use a fun description and add some interesting info about the area you have hidden it if you like. 

7. Where can we hide them?
Somewhere REALLY well hidden, really cool and within 20 km of Timaru. This makes it easy for local families to go out and find them. Hide them somewhere that people can get to easily, and that can be found on a map. Think about where your kids would like to find something if they were treasure hunting. Think of spots where there is a good view, or something else to look at or do while you are there. Hopefully, this activity will grow quickly and we can expand the hiding areas all over the South Island and even the North!

8. What are the most important things to think about when hiding treasures?
- This is a kids' activity, so don't make it so they can't get to them, but make it hard for anyone else who isn't looking for them!
- Obey local laws - this refers to both the placement of the treasure and the journey required to reach it. Do not place your treasure in a location that requires or encourages people to trespass or pass markers that prohibit access.
- If it is on private land, get permission from the land owner
 both to hide and to access the treasure.
- The location must be safely and easily accessible - especially for children.
- Do not bury your treasure, but do put it under rocks or branches.

- Do not damage public or private property when you place your treasure.
- Keep in mind the safety of plants, animals, and the environment.
- Don't place treasures in any restricted areas.

9. What happens when we find a treasure?

1. LOG - Write your family or team name and the date on the log sheet in the tube. Write something kind or fun for the next people to read!
2. TRADE -Trade your own Art Trading Card with the card in the treasure. This way, every time you find a new treasure you get a new Art Trading Card. 
3. RE-HIDE -Place all the bits of the treasure back together exactly where you found them so the next people can find it the same way you did.

10. What happens if people steal the treasures or they get damaged?
This activity is based on trust, kindness, and fun. It is hoped that everyone involved in this activity will be respectful and careful. If you accidentally damage a treasure, please let me know and I will help you to repair or replace it. You need to make sure your treasure is REAAAALLLLY hidden (but make your directions easy) so that random mugglers can't find them.
11. How many treasures will there be?
It will be limited to just 30 families for the initial release in Timaru. 

12. Is this activity sponsored by LEGO®?
No. This activity is in no way endorsed by or in association with LEGO®. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or activity.

13. How do I join up?
Click here from 5pm on Saturday

Do you have any other questions?

Send me a note so I can help out. 

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