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I always remember back at school that (according to their grades and the teacher's opinion) some people were considered 'good' at art and some people weren't.

Nobody told us back then that EVERYONE was an artist.

Anyone that puts pencil, marker, or paint to paper.

Anyone that molds a piece of clay.

Anyone that builds a matchstick sculpture.

Anyone that sticks a leaf on a page with a dob of PVA. 

Anyone and everyone is an artist if they want to be and if their creativity wants the opportunity to come alive. 

Even as adults, we second-guess ourselves. Am I good enough? What will people think? And we forget that it doesn't matter what people think, as long as we enjoyed the process of creating.

These workshops are NOT art lessons. We learn about artists and art, but the workshops are process-art based, which basically means that the process is the most important part of making, not the end result. Just like with knitting. Am I ever going to make an intricate coat? No. Do I love the process of knitting and making a simple square. I do!

I am a maker, a creative person with a passion for all genres of art and craft, and a background in marketing, facilitation, and teacher-aiding. Opening a studio like The Old Tin Shed has always been a dream of mine. 

My aim is to give kids and adults the opportunity to express themselves creatively in a beautiful space with the right materials and inspiration and without judgment.


Does it matter if we (as parents or teachers) think what they have created is good? Absolutely not. Does it matter if they loved the process of making a painting or a drawing and they came out of the process feeling joy?


I hope this resonates with you and I look forward to welcoming you to The Old Tin Shed soon. 



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